Vacation Checklist

Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers of Green Valley, AZ

Residents leaving for vacation or for the summer may be leaving a welcome sign out for burglars or other potential problems. Please take the time to do the following:

Contact SAV (Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers) 520-351-6744 and request a house check. There is no charge. About once a week, all your doors and windows will be checked. We also look for running water, bee activity, etc.

  •  Arrange for a local contact. A key holder or two is very desirable. Make sure they have your contact information.
  •  Arrange for yard care. Eliminate weeds, debris and keep trees and shrubs trimmed. Trim backyard entry so SAV patrol has safe access.
  •  Put all shovels, rakes, etc. from the yard into the garage.
  •  Make sure all doors and windows are locked. If possible, use security bars or wooden dowels on sliding doors. Lock security screen doors.
  •  Suspend all deliveries and forward mail if leaving for an extended time.
  •  Turn buckets or containers upside down so they won’t collect water and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Use electric timers to turn lights on/off.
  • Close drapes and blinds.
  •  Outside motion sensor lighting can also be a deterrent.
  •  An alarm system is added security.
  •  If leaving a car in the garage, take the key with you, so if someone breaks in they can’t drive off in your car.

One week before you leave:

Call SAV: 351-6744 or stop in at 601 N. La Canada (8AM-4PM). Have Available: (1)The dates you are leaving and estimated return and (2)The name, address, and phone number of a local person who has the key to your house. When you return, call to remove your name from the home check roster.

On behalf of our Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers, we thank you for your support as we all work together for a safer community.