San Ignacio Heights (SIH) Neighborhood Watch (NW)

San Ignacio Heights is very fortunate to have had a NW program for many years. Our program is organized with block captains that serve one or more blocks. The goals of the SIH-NW are to:

Help you learn how to reduce the risk of being victimized at home and in public.

Teach you how to recognize and report suspicious activities.

Teach you how to make your homes more secure and how to properly identify your property.

Encourage you to get to know your neighbors and their routines so that unusual activity can be noted and reported.

Bring residents together to address the needs and issues that concern the entire community.

There are many advantages of this program. If you do not know your block captain, feel free to keep in touch with him or her. Our goal is to from a sense of community while also respecting residents’ privacy. Enjoy these advantages: increased safety, decreased fear, having a support system, and having a source of emergency information.

Remember: Often “dog walkers” become guardian angels because they observe what is happening in the neighborhood