Board Positions

San Ignacio Heights – Board Positions – General Information

Volunteers always needed to serve on the board or committees. Below is a brief summary of the board positions and what duties they entail. All terms on the board are for three (3) years. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings and should not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings. The board does not meet during the months of June, July and August. At least three (3) board members must be at any given meeting so that meeting can take place.

President: Oversees all general activities of the board. Attends monthly GRC meetings (or arranges for an alternate). Fields 4 – 8 calls a month from homeowners, committee heads and sometimes real estate agents that have questions regarding the sale of one of the homes. Leads the monthly homeowner meeting. Can write checks in Treasurer’s absence. Creates annual mailing and runs the annual meeting. Acts as focal point for the association. Monthly time commitment: approximately 5 hours a month.

Vice President: Takes on duties of the President as needed. Time commitment: 2-3 hours a month.

Secretary: Takes minutes at the monthly meetings. Keeps files up to date (located in the Ramada) and submits timely information to the web site. Helps President with communications – helps set agenda for monthly meetings and composes communications back to the homeowners as needed. Requires some basic computer and e-mail skills. Monthly time commitment: approximately 5 hours a month.

Treasurer: Keeps HOA check book and accounts for monthly check writing and reports monthly to the board the balances in the checking account, savings account and various CD’s. Works with outside bookkeeper who balances the checkbook, creates reports and help with taxes. Also helps with creating and maintaining the annual budget. Receives and deposits the annual dues. Checks the HOA mailbox and forwards appropriate mail to the board. Monthly time commitment: approximately 5 hours a month.

Member at Large: Acts as a 3rd member of the board for voting authority and creating a quorum at meetings when other board members may be absent. Can bring issues, suggestions, and information to the board as needed. Time commitment: 2+ hours a month.

*  Landscaping
*  Roads
*  Architecture
*  Christmas Decorations and maintenance of Monument – need volunteers
*  Nominating committee – need volunteers

Members interested in serving on the board or on a committee are invited to submit a Nomination Form available by clicking here.